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Creating space for the new

Hi. I’m Anne. Welcome to my new creative space. This is a space where I will test new ideas, topics and chapters of my book project and related endeavors. You will see that this site has lots of white space, and that is entirely intentional.

Like a blank canvas, this is a space that will be created, one brush stroke, one post at a time. Here and through email, I will share my story, ask questions, and other people’s stories and words of inspiration that inspire me. As I journey down the road of writing my first book, I hope to bring with it a healthy does of authentic dialogue about juggling our social media connected lives and the opportunity and complexity it brings – in our relationships, our parenting, in our work, and pursuing your passion – or finding it – and sharing stories about the joys, and struggles and keeping it all in perspective. I’ll share what I’ve learned from my own experience pursuing the impossibly imperfect task of juggling a marriage, raising kids, carving out time with friends, and balancing work you love with making money that pays the bills. I will share what I’ve learned managing a career in PR and marketing building trusted brands, and building my own brand in the last eight years blogging and traveling the world with my family writing about it. To bring more transparency and authenticity to a world that is increasingly defining life’s moments by a perfectly edited Instagram post.

But first, a bit of background. I’m a mom of two amazing humans, married to a wonderful husband who has put up with my crazy intense ambition for the last 24 years. I make my living as a social media expert and run a digital marketing consulting business where I do everything from PR strategy, to create content marketing and social media campaigns. (A fancy way of saying I come up with creative ways to tell a brand’s story and take that to TV, blogs, Facebook and other social media channels so you can learn about a company, or buy their product). In addition to my first love – my family – my  first creative space pursuing my love of travel started eight years ago (more on how that got started soon). On Hip Travel Mama and through numerous other media outlets, I share our travel adventures, tips and inspiration on how to create more connected families (and relationships with spouses and friends) through travel.

Last year, I turned 40. And it sent me into a year of reflection and evaluation. In 2015, I put everything I was spending time on through the filter of these three questions:

  • Does it bring me energy?
  • Does it help me meet my goals of what’s most important to me?
  • Does it provide me with an opportunity to learn something new?

What I discovered in the process was that there were commitments I was dedicating a significant amount of time and energy to projects that were not serving me anymore and it was taking space away from the things I wanted to spend more time on. At home, we felt the shift as our oldest started middle school and the schedule of school and sports activities took a front seat to our evenings and weekends. So in November, I got out the pruning shears and cut back the branches that were stunting the growth of new buds. What remains in 2016 are the branches that bring energy and support my family, health, financial goals.

What does creating space look like for me? This means creating space in my calendar by reducing my commitments to just a few HELL YES opportunities that inspire and challenge me professionally. Creating space and resources for more meaningful travel, for projects and topics that fuel me and serve others. This means creating space to enjoy IRL (that’s text speak for in real life) time with my husband, being more present with my kids, family, friends. Space for taking proper care of my health and energy reserves – spending time with my faith, fitness, yoga, mediation, cooking healthy meals with my family, and getting more sleep.

For the latest, I would love to have you follow along with my musings and subscribe by email.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Happy 2016!


Photo credit: Talia Cruz for Flytographer

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